A Little More on Bach Flower Therapy

I delved into Bach Flowers several years ago after finding Mechthild Scheffer's book, The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy at the Southwest Harbor Library.  (A wonderful book!  I highly recommend it!)

Dr. Edward Bach intuited that physical dis-ease was directly related to our emotional states, and that healing the emotions would have a significant impact in healing physical illnesses as well.

Emotions/emotional reactions are a part of daily life.  When they are tended to, healing prevails.  However, if emotions are stifled or stuffed, the healing systems of the body may be weakened.  Emotional stress, or emotional imbalance therefore contributes to the susceptibility of physical disease.  Regaining emotional equilibrium supports the restoration of the body's natural state of physical wellness.

He discovered 38 flower essences that have the capacity to heal emotional imbalances.

As part of my recent Bach Flower Therapy training I was asked to describe what being in balance means.  Here's my response:

"Being in Balance" means being fully response-able.  Challenges present themselves and are addressed with ease and grace.  Perspective of the "bigger picture" of life is maintained, and challenges are welcomed as opportunities for growth and learning.  Rumi says:  "If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?"  When I'm being in balance, I can happily greet every challenge with the statement:  "I'm being polished!"

I've personally found that the Bach Flower essences do facilitate immense healing and transformation in my life and in the lives of the friends and family that I've explored them with.  As they have no side affects and can be taken as a complementary medicine alongside any other medications you are taking, why not give them a try?

For more information you can go to the webite of the Dr. Edward Bach Centre:  www.bachcentre.com.